Advancing International Greyhound Welfare & Rescue
the annual international conference in planned for June 30th of this year. We invite our members and interested parties to join us to discuss relevant and current issue facing greyhound and galgos welfare around the world.

The location of the conference is at Greyhound Friends Inc in Hopkinton, Massachusetts in The United States. Please contact Louise Coleman for details and assistance with travel and lodging arrangements. 
International Conference planned for June 30, 2012

The American-European Greyhound Alliance is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to spotlighting current and important issues that impact the well being of greyhounds and galgos around the world.

Through media attention, networking and education the organization strives to promote political and social change to advance the treatment and care of these amazing dogs.

The AEGA accomplishes its mission through active and on-going monitoring of existing and proposed racing venues. We often liaison with racing industry and adoption groups to provide an effective collection and dissemination of accurate information and education to the public.

The organization supports all efforts through the ongoing financial support of it's members, private individuals, corporate sponsors and grants writing. Our fund-raising success directly effects our ability to work quickly and effectively where needed globally. 

Members of the AEGA gather for a small roundtable discussion in Dublin, Ireland.
AEGA Photo John mottern
By Louise Coleman/ Co-Director AEGA
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Speakers from international organizations give reports and updates on current issues.